‘Ask Greil’ 2018 is open

The 2018 version of ‘Ask Greil’ kicks off with a brief survey of G.M.’s favourite music and movies and etc. of 2017. Note that there is currently a small backlog of questions to get to, but feel free to to submit your inquiries now.


One thought on “‘Ask Greil’ 2018 is open

  1. I’ve been reading biographies of all the U.S. presidents in chronological order, (I’m currently on Nixon). I have found the book you helped curate, A new Literary History of America, to be a valuable tool in understanding cultural and social developments as I move through the decades of American political history. Now that a few years have passed since its publication, are there any specific topics, pieces of art, writings, or cultural movements from the last six or seven years that you would like to include in a revised edition? Anything prior to the publication of the book has taken on added relevance and would be included in a revised edition?

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