‘Folk Music’ review roundup part 2

“This is the thing with Greil Marcus. He seems to connect everything from Hannah Arendt to the Archies, from Jean Ritchie to Lionel Ritchie to Salman Rushdie, D.H. Lawrence, Fenimore Cooper, Christopher Guest, and Ovid. The most abstract, nebulous connection—often with a pleasingly cosmic bent—is proposed, not only as a ghost of a theory but, once stated, as a stone monumental fact. Decades converge. The world fuses. Coincidence is fate. The zany goes cosmic. A daydreamed thought-stream becomes a raging river. Allusion becomes illusion.”
Daniel Gewertz, Arts Fuse

“It would be easy to be repetitive in writing about Dylan’s songs, but Marcus isn’t. He sees connections, certainly, but also things that set individual songs, and times in Dylan’s life, apart, and lifts them into sharp and well- reasoned relief. The jacket cover and thoughtful interior drawings by Max Clarke complement and illustrate Marcus’s, and Dylan’s, words with bite and flair.”
Anne Margaret Daniel, The Spectator


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