Ask Greil (2017)

Ask Greil (current/submit a question) Archives: 2016; 2018; 2019 12/12/17 What do you make of Al Franken’s intention to resign? Is this the right thing for him to do? – Terry Given that he was abandoned and denounced by his own party, with at least 35 fellow Democratic senators in effect refusing to work with […]


Interviews by Greil Marcus (work in progress) → David Thompson (Los Angeles Review of Books) 11/14/12 → D.A. Pennebaker (New Video Digital) 04/11  {video} → Todd Haynes, 11/29/07 → Don Delillo (a conversation) 09/05/05 → Laurie Anderson (Museum of Modern Art) 09/23/04 {audio} → Lou Reed (Interview magazine) 03/2003 → Neil Young (Spin) 01/94 → Elvis […]

Ask Greil (2019)

Ask Greil (current/submit a question) Archives: 2016; 2017; 2018 12/20/19 Ok, impeachment. I came around to your thinking that it had to be done: that it was a moral imperative. But what now? He will be impeached; he will be acquitted. And the Republican Party will have firmly established that, as long as they hold […]