Ask Greil (2016)

Ask Greil Current (submit a question) Ask Greil 2017 (archived) 12/29/16 Favourite recording(s)—LPs or songs—of 2016, and why? – Scott Woods Felice Brothers, “Aerosol Ball,” from Life in the Dark—because it doesn’t care how it comes out. Kaleo, “Way Down We Go“—because you can’t tell what it is. Rhianna, “Needed Me,” from Anti—because it can […]

Treasure Island

Singles listed in “Treasure Island,” the back-of-the-book discography from Stranded (Alfred A. Knopf, 1979), with links to YouTube streams [YT] and reviews or references [REV]. Note that this is not every single listed in “Treasure Island,” but rather, just the one-shots (and two-shots)—those performers, as noted by Marcus in his introduction to the discography, “with […]