Music Columns

Music columns by Greil Marcus, including Days Between Stations, Elephant Dancing (both from Interview magazine), and Speaker to Speaker (Artforum). Columns will be listed here as they are posted on the main page.

Speaker to Speaker

Days Between Stations
1992/?? (Basehead)
1992/12 (Lemonheads, Neil Young…)

1993/06 (Pere Ubu’s Story of My Life)
1993/08 (P.J. Harvey)
1993/10 (Cranberries, Cranes, Kate Bush…)
1993/11 (Fleetwoods, Heavens to Betsy)

1994/03 (Backbeat soundtrack)
1994/04 (the number 25: Mott the Hoople, Peter Laughner et al.)
1994/07 (Woodstock ’94)
1994/08 (Dock Boggs, new country)
1994/09 (Spin Doctors, Stone Temple Pilots)
1994/12 (Natural Born Killers soundtrack)

1995/04 (Pearl Jam radio show)
1995/06 (Eleventh Dream Day)

1996/04 (Joan Osbourne, Alanis Morissette, God…)
1996/05 (Chris Isaak, Tarnation)
1996/06 (Nostalgia: Beatles, Kingston Trio, et al.)
1996/08 (Syd Straw)
1996/09 (Patti Smith, Jennifer Jason Leigh)
1996/10 (Please Kill Me, But Beautiful)

1997/02 (Counting Grows, Nirvana)
1997/04 (DJ Shadow’s Endtroducing)
1997/12 (The Verve’s Urban Hymns)

1998/01 (Oasis, David Lee Roth)
1998/12 (Julie Ruin, Cadallaca)

1999/09 (Hissyfits, Bush)

2000/10 (Jess Klein)

2002/08 (Beth Orton)

2003/08 (Bob Dylan, Masked and Anonymous)

Elephant Dancing
2004/08 (Vince White, Suze Rotolo)
2006/03 (Our New Orleans, w/Carla Thomas, Buckwheat Zydeco…)
2006/04 (Neko Case, Cat Power, Stephen Colbert…)
2006/05 (Dana Spiotta, Rosanne Cash, Grammy Awards…)
2006/07 (Kanye West, K.T. Tunstall, Mandy Moore…)
2006/08 (Jon Langford, Gang of Four, Peter Carey…)
2006/10 (Weegee, Pere Ubu, Hem…)
2008/02 (Springsteen, New Pornographers, Roots…)
2008/04 (Greenwich Village in the ’60s)

[Headline quote taken from GM’s 1987 interview with Phil Dellio in Nerve magazine.]

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