Interviews by Greil Marcus (work in progress)

David Thompson (Los Angeles Review of Books) 11/14/12
D.A. Pennebaker (New Video Digital) 04/11  {video}
Todd Haynes, 11/29/07
Don Delillo (a conversation) 09/05/05
Laurie Anderson (Museum of Modern Art) 09/23/04 {audio}
Lou Reed (Interview magazine) 03/2003
Neil Young (Spin) 01/94
Elvis Costello (Rolling Stone) 09/02/82
Pete Townshend (Rolling Stone) 06/26/80
Francis Coppola (Rolling Stone) 11/01/79

Interviews with Greil Marcus (work in progress)

Stephen Deusner (American Songwriter) 10/15/15
Matthew Kassel (The Observer) 09/09/15
Steven Rosenfeld ( 07/28/15
Charles Taylor (Close Readings) 09/16/14
Arun Rath, (NPR) 08/30/14
Simon Reynolds (Los Angeles Review of Books), 04/27/12, Parts one / two / three / four
J. Gabriel Boylan  (Intelligent Life) 04/12
Andrew Hamlin (The Sunbreak) 02/10/12
Margaret Eby (BookForum) 01/04/12
Michaelangelo Matos (eMusic) 11/01/11
Sam Whiting (SF Gate) 10/30/11
John Fleming (Tampa Bay Times) 10/29/11
Jason Bailey (Village Voice) 10/26/11
Robert Loss (PopMatters) 04/25/10
Steven B. Roberts (Elvis Information Network) 07/08/10
Donald Gibson (Write On Music) 05/11/10
Bill Marx (Arts Fuse) 10/07/09
Brett Tomlinson (Princeton Alumni Weekly) 12/13/06
Dave [last name unknown] (Powell’s Books) 10/10/06
Kathryn Knight  (Stop Smiling) 12/09/06
Joel Selvin (SF Gate) 04/22/05
Oliver Hall (Perfect Sound Forever) 03/05
Nate Seltenrich ( 02/04 Online Exchange, 04/2002
Jason Anderson (EyeWeekly) 10/29/98
Jason Gross (Perfect Sound Forever) 06/97
Ann Douglas (Village Voice) Summer ’97
Phil Dellio (Nerve) 06/87

See also Conversations With Greil Marcus, an entire collection of Greil interviews, edited by Joe Bonomo and published at University Press of Mississippi in 2012

Conversations With Greil Marcus

BONUS BEAT: Greil Marcus explains to Phil Dellio (06/87) why he’s not cut out to be an interviewer:


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