Favorite Punk Film Moments (6/23/14)

“Some of the strongest punk movies have little or nothing to do with music. What’s on the screen is purely attitude (Repo Man), a smear of jeopardy and revenge (Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me) or flat, plain, nervously complete defeat (Office Space, Ghost World). Punk as music, where what’s at stake is the desire of a few people to speak in public and see if they can get anyone to listen to them, is much harder to catch…”

Greil Marcus picks his “favorite punk film moments,” Billboard, June 23, 2014

One thought on “Favorite Punk Film Moments (6/23/14)

  1. “I wonder what Greil Marcus would think of this?” actually crossed my mind as I watched We Are the Best! a few weeks ago. Especially during the scene near the end where they play the show for that hostile crowd of locals; thought that might have been the director’s subtle recreation of the Sex Pistols in Dallas.

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