Southwind, “Boogie Woogie Country Girl” (04/30/70)

This snazzy performance sounds like the B-side of an old Jerry Lee Lewis single, which it might have been–who knows. Rumble rumble–Southwind has that boogie woogie riffing right down in their pockets, and you can almost hear the band getting ready to charge as the lyrics fade and their chance to play hard and fast comes up. There aren’t any stars in Southwind; it’s a solid, unassuming rock and roll band, like the Crickets, or the Bluecaps, but totally contemporary and not at all intending to smother the listener with nostalgia. This number, which certainly ought to be the hit the band has missed up until now, has the same excitement and drive as, say, “I Don’t Want To Discuss It” from the new Delaney & Bonnie LP.

“Boogie Woogie Country Girl” was co-authored by Doc Pomus, a middle-aged man who wrote “This Magic Moment” and “I Count The Tears,” among others. He was one of those men who had a perfect sense of teenage, despite his years, but he’s been on the shorts, pretty much out of work, since the Beatles retrieved the idea that musicians could and should write their own material. Southwind, though, obviously know good stuff when they hear it (as with their fine version of Johnny Cash’s “Rock and Roll Ruby” on their Ready to Ride album). Well, let it ride.

Call your local DJ today and give him the word. 

Rolling Stone, April 30, 1970

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