What is your favourite Greil Marcus book?

To while away the hours while this site goes on hiatus for a week (regular posting will resume on September 8), and in anticipation of the release of Greil’s new book on September 2—not to mention in the spirit of democracy itself—I have created the first GM.net poll. I’ve included compilations but not “edited by” titles (sorry, Stranded and New Literary History of America fans). Poll is set up so you can only vote once, and (apparently) it closes in a week—so vote now, and of course, feel free to comment about your choice, or about anything else for that matter.

(Just a final parting note before the break: if you’re in the Manhattan area, don’t miss Greil’s in-store appearance, September 3 at Barnes & Noble, 82nd & Broadway—hosted by Rachel Felder. More info about GM appearances here—with many more to come.)

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