“Legends to Maps of Freedom”: Greil Remixed (2001)

The Department of Ongoing Digital Situations (DOODS) identifies the city as the basis for new experiments in electronically mediated playfulness.

First released as a limited edition cassette, Secret City was comprised of the pre-eminent DOODS audio works, Alberto Tsara’s (aka David Cox)” Legends to Maps of Freedom,” and Ion Van Gemsy’s (aka Andrew Garton) “Unheard History of Cyberspace”…

Tsara’s provocative collage is comprised of sound fragments with media art luminaries such as Greil Marcus, Bruce Sterling, Natalie Jereminjenko and Craig Baldwin. The Tsara collage is an assembly of sound fragments which taken as a whole paint a picture of the strangeness of technologically mediated everyday life.

“Legends to Maps of Freedom” is available here; GM enters the mix about two-thirds of the way through.

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