Coming Soon: “Rock-a-Hula Clarified”

In Going Into the City, his recently published memoir, Robert Christgau called Greil Marcus’s “Rock-a-Hula Clarified,” from the June 1971 issue of Creem, “the definitive rockcrit manifesto of the early years, discussed by everyone I knew.” Tune in next week as we post this 15,470 word epic—double the length estimated by Christgau—in its entirety. Along with other (related) Marcus reviews from the same issue, plus the usual assortment of photos, links, footnotes, etc.


The fun begins April 7th (or 8th).

2 thoughts on “Coming Soon: “Rock-a-Hula Clarified”

  1. At the risk of being really, really obvious (and reusing a 30-year old headline that supposedly was already old at the time): the Holy Greil of fugitive pieces.

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