2 thoughts on ““…the best book ever written about being alive” (Dwight Garner on ‘Mystery Train’)

  1. Excellent piece. I identify with almost every word (just not the mention of a vuvuzela … if there’s music in hell, said Oscar Wilde, it’ll be vuvuzela … vuvuzelum?). Actually it was bagpipes.

  2. I’m gonna paint a target on myself here by saying this claim strikes me as fairly ludicrous. My own favorite GM book is Lipstick Traces, and I might go so far as to call it my favorite ever non-fiction book. I might even call it “the best book ever about feeling outside your culture and being pissed off about it.” But “best book about being alive”? That’s a pretty large category and I’m not sure why Mystery Train needs to hold its own against Leaves of Grass, or The Mediations of Marcus Aurelius, or The Iliad. Just sayin.’

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