Jenn Pelly interviews Greil Marcus (02/15/16)

Real Life Rock: A talk with Greil Marcus, by Jenn Pelly, in The Media:

You were one of the first American writers to cover the dawn of feminist punk in Britain—the Raincoats, the Slits, Essential Logic. And you’ve followed that thread throughout your career, covering riot grrrl and Sleater-Kinney extensively. Do you consider yourself a feminist, or a feminist critic?
No, not at all. I don’t think men can be feminists. My understanding of feminism is that one’s identity as female trumps everything else and that’s the first principle of criticism, of action, of whatever it might be. And obviously no male is going to be able to take that position, unless it’s fraudulent. Whenever I hear male writers call themselves feminists, I just have to laugh. To me it’s utterly fraudulent.

The Media, February 15, 2016

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