Bob Dylan, Master of Change (10-13-16)

“The hero of Don DeLillo’s 1973 novel, Great Jones Street, Bucky Wunderlick, is a wildly famous musician so transparently inspired by Bob Dylan that it is a wonder the author was able to make the figure into his own character. Bucky—part prophet, part fraud—is hounded into seclusion by fans, hustlers, gangsters and the world at large. I had a hunch Mr. DeLillo would win the Nobel Prize for Literature this year; he can’t be surprised Bob Dylan did.”

New York Times, October 13, 2016

One thought on “Bob Dylan, Master of Change (10-13-16)

  1. Are you aware (and you probably are) that Dylan’s Highway 61 is “revisited” because there have been other songs, old blues records, about the famous roadway, with the most prominent one playing off the idea that if you want to have some fun, go out on Highway 61. Dylan, in sort of an answer song or perhaps a bit of a joke, took his tune in the other direction. Either way, thanks for writing this piece. I enjoyed it.

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