One thought on “Real Life Rock Top 10 (11/10/16)

  1. Oh no. I saw the Manchurian Candidate still and thought, I know what he’s gonna say. I’ve thought of being sarcastic about this, but it’s just too sad to see Greil Marcus this year with his occasional yet consistently asinine, totally out of touch election coverage. However, he has a lot of company.

    This isn’t the nadir. The worst thing Marcus has written on the 2016 contest was something possibly only I remember, back in May or June, when he suggested in an “Ask Greil” answer that Bernie Sanders was tacitly promoting violence on the part of his supporters. Well. That turned out to be slanderous bullshit, didn’t it? In lieu of an appropriate and probably not forthcoming apology to Sanders, his supporters, and the biosphere of Earth, Greil Marcus can instead read this years finest Cassandra prophecy, the book “Listen, Liberal” by Thomas Frank. That finger on the cover is pointed at you, Greil.

    Anyway, my fantasies aside, Greil Marcus is now actively peddling conspiracy theory like several other prominent Democratic Party apologists this week. (Democratic Party apologists have managed the art of not apologizing for ages now). At least those people are just trying to keep their jobs. I don’t know if Marcus is cynical or crazy at this point. I’d like to point out something that is so completely obvious that Marcus would never ever mention it: talk in the press of Russian influence has happened to coincide PRECISELY with the news of giant DP fuckups. The last one was the Podesta emails, where in the time honored method of “look! it’s a squirrel!”, attention was turned (uh huh) from the content of those emails to the troubling likelihood (LOL) of Russian interference in our sacred election system. By the way, the emails were all about a party organization interfering in an election. I was going to call that situational irony, but then I realized that isn’t realy the term, because the “Russian interference” thing was not actually a situation. It was an ass-covering lie.

    And now we are here, after an undeniable disaster – one that caps an ongoing collapse by this party, to which all credible political hope in the US is unfortunately hitched, at the federal and state levels. Rather than confront their total failure to heed any warnings that have turned out to be completely accurate, people like Greil Marcus are doubling down, choosing an explanation that confirms all their biases, an explanation that protects their fragile egos, one that does not challenge them in the least.

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