Bob Dylan, ‘Triplicate’ (04/19/17)

“The omission of any writers’ credits anywhere on Triplicate—on the back of the package, on the discs, in the liner booklet—can let the songs communicate as if they actually don’t have authors, as common coin that is also common property, as if they are landscape, atmosphere—and isn’t that what a song, not its composer, not its singer, but the song itself, really wants? To be the air that you breathe?”

Bob Dylan, Triplicate (Village Voice, April 19, 2017)


2 thoughts on “Bob Dylan, ‘Triplicate’ (04/19/17)

  1. I see how this can be fairly said of a traditional folksong that has undergone the alterations of several hands over the years,with it may even be the case that the original author /composer is literally unknown-a song whose origins is in a sense prehistoric.While these Great American Songbook Standard Songs are constantly re-interpreted by singers ,to shoehorn them into this ethereal category is a pointless rhetorical stretch that unnecessarily obscures the meticulous craft of the composers-who are in all cases known-and in many cases not known well enough in today’s world of musical fandom.

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