2 thoughts on ““James is still cool…” (Real Life Rock Top 10, 08/08/17)

  1. This column sent me to you-Tube for Lust for Life by Lana Del Ray.The nexus seemed more like a miasma of overproduced
    studio business to me that obscured the excellent lyrics,(I went to another website for them).Without the video -would this stand alone as a compelling piece of music? I think not -although I realize that that question marks me as a pre-MTV,pre video dinosaur. So be it ,Without the video,musically it reminded me of Chriss Cross’ Sailing ,or was it floating -music that seemed to pride itself on its rigorously unchallenging nature, A heap of cultural allusions in this piece,obviously including its title,doesn’t rescue it from PErry Como for hipsters status,in my view.

  2. Coming from someone who advocated for the disruptive, dada-esque orientation of Punk why should feeling that a piece of music which we have been told would be appreciated in 18th Century France,19th century Germany,or 1920’s Berlin and Long Island ,clog up our own contemporary,visceral responses to a piece of music ?-Does what we’re listening to in Lust For Life need to be decked out with that sort of pedigree-and what does it say about a work that requires that sort of critical patina to certify it?…

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