Greil Marcus Interviews D.A. Pennebaker (04/11)

[originally posted July 2014]

“Bob Dylan fans and film aficionados alike have reason to celebrate… New Video’s Docurama Films® presents the first Blu-ray release of Don’t Look Back, newly mastered in high definition (HD) and featuring this brand new and exclusive interview with D.A. Pennebaker, the film’s director, and renowned rock and culture critic Greil Marcus.”

New Video Digital, April 2011

One thought on “Greil Marcus Interviews D.A. Pennebaker (04/11)

  1. Something nobody seems to notice about that Dylan/Donovan encounter (I didn’t notice it myself the first couple of times I watched it): Donovan actually *requests* “It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue” as he’s passing the guitar to Bob! So there was no intention on Dylan’s part to shut Donovan down; Donovan already knew how brilliant “Baby Blue” was, even if he didn’t realize how limp his own offering was.

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