“Is this the worst thing you’ve ever experienced?”

“…seeing Trump stand during one of his daily events at the White House and degrade both anyone who is watching and the whole history of this country, its worst along with its best and even its ordinary life, is worse than what as a society and a future we are facing.”

GM re: the pandemic.

2 thoughts on ““Is this the worst thing you’ve ever experienced?”

  1. For someone like yourself, who came of age in Berkeley during the Free Speech Movement, and has seen the trajectory of this country go the way it has, it must be heartbreaking to see things slouch toward a JG Ballard dystopia and see the republic taken over by the worst forces they can spew forth. What’s the result? A new variant of your brilliant discussion of “survivorship” from Lipstick Traces. Which, of course, is the perfectly natural response from an atomized and ill-informed society. A fear-addled world will engage in the most outrageous complicities. This is world-historical tragedy stuff. Stay tuned.

  2. Both comments are perspective and bang on the money. I keep coming back to Greil’s Trump White House briefing paragraph because it’s exactly how I feel – I can barely stand to watch (and listen) to such wretched, ill-informed, anti-intellectual posturing. It’s absolutely revolting. I can’t stand it. Please, all, unite – dark forces are upon us and we must fight to have an alternative voice heard.

    All the best, stay safe. Kevin roxymusicsongs.com

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