“Sliders” (Round Robin Q&A, 12/91)

In the Dec. 12, 1991 issue of LA Weekly, Greil Marcus took part in a round robin Q&A, along with Gina Arnold, Pamela Des Barres, Ban Hamper, Carol Lay, and Ann Marlowe. His answers are as posted below.

What’s the best makeout song of all time?
“Angel Baby,” by Rosie & the Originals.

If Miles Davis were alive and at your house right now, what would you say to him?
Are you hungry?

Who next should be in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
No one. The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is a terrible idea.

What gift would you send MTV in honor of its 10th Anniversary?
My new book—Dead Downtown Julie Brown.

Who should Phil Spector produce next?

What song would you like to put on a tape and send to David Duke?
It’s not worth it. He’s an evil person, and he’s not going to be redeemed by Dylan’s “Blind Willie McTell.”

Now that vinyl is disappearing, what other uses are there for those little 45 converters that record stores used to sell?
You can play checkers with them.

What’s on the original, un-censored Michael Jackson video—not the one we read about with its last four minutes cut out, but the one too hot to even make it onto Fox TV?

Who’s the greatest rock & roll drummer working today?
Kenny Aronoff.

Has rap peaked?
Not if the Geto Boys can follow up “Mind Playing Tricks on Me.”

Nirvana’s Geffen debut is No. 5 with a bullet on the charts, pretty amazing: unusual for a guitar-heavy indie-sound-alike band. What does the success mean?
I think it means nothing. When the Mekons, Sonic Youth and Nirvana are in the Top 10, then it’ll mean something.

LA Weekly, Dec. 12, 1991

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