GM Playlist #3: “Treasure Island” (Stranded)

Ryan Maffei has posted a version of “Treasure Island” on Spotify—the singles and LPs from the Stranded discography. Incomplete, though probably as comprehensive as you’ll find in one venue. Listening time: 196 hours and 53 min.

Link: Treasure Island

Ryan helpfully included a list of the omissions, with notes. In some cases (Buddy Holly, the Yardbirds, and The Sun Sessions, for instance) he supplemented his playlist with downloaded versions of the albums, rather than re-construct them off various recordings available in Spotify (while others, like Trout Mask Replica and Your Daily Gift, are nowhere to be found on Spotify). Such titles display on the public version in greyed-out text but won’t actually play. In any case, they are noted below.

– The Beatles, Live! at the Star Club
– The Beatles, Rubber Soul (US version—for whatever barely detectable differences there may be in the cuts, like the false start on “I’m Looking Through You.” P.S. Greil includes the American Revolver but mistakenly attributes “And Your Bird Can Sing” to it, so I just slapped it amid the US version’s 11 songs, and didn’t worry about there being any sonic tampering with the US release bc it’s fucking Revolver)
Richard Berry and the Dreamers (10 cuts available on various comps but not Spot)
– Big Youth, “Concrete Jungle” (on the Trojan UK issue of Screaming Target, not a Wailers cover)
– Blue Ridge Rangers, “Back in the Hills”
– Gary U.S. Bonds, Greatest Hits (I’m sure Spotify has some Bonds, but not all the tracks)
– Roy Brown, Good Rocking Tonight (same)
– Buchanan & Goodman, “The Flying Saucer”
Buffalo Springfield, 1973 comp (all on Spotify except the 9-minute “Bluebird”)
– Jerry Byrne, “Lights Out”
– Captain Beefheart, Trout Mask Replica (has never been on Spotify!)
– Ray Charles, Ingredients in a Recipe for Soul (another stingy estate) + a good portion of the cuts on A 25th Anniversary in Show Business Salute 2nd LP
– Country Joe & the Fish, “Bass Strings/Section 49” EP version (I assume different than LP)
– The Counts, “Darling Dear”
– Dion & the Belmonts, “Teen Angel”
– Fats Domino, “I’m in the Mood for Love”
– Elastic Oz Band, “Do the Oz” (single mix)
– Eldorados, “At My Front Door”
– Equals, “Baby Come Back” (can’t tell if anything on Spotify is or isn’t rerecorded, a problem with many old cuts, especially on a doo-wop and early ‘60s pop heavy list like this)
– about four Fairport Chronicles cuts, mostly by the Bunch and Fotheringay
– Sonny Fisher, Texas Rockabilly
– Five Du-Tones, “Divorce Court”
– Fleetwood Mac, Greatest Hits (most if not all of this may be on Spotify)
– The Fleetwoods, “Poor Little Girl” and “Truly Do”
Let’s Take a Sea Cruise with Frankie Ford
– Alan Freed, Rock ‘n’ Roll Dance Party (vol. 1 – I assume he means)
Grateful Dead Live at the Pyramids (not included at all; it was eventually released and is on Spotify but was held up for years because they didn’t think it was any good, and it isn’t. best only imagined)
– Jimi Hendrix, Live at Monterey LP side, probably on Spotify in expanded capacity
– Mick Jagger, “Cocksucker Blues”, tragically not on Spotify
– Jan & Dean, Legendary Masters, includes an entire record-specific live side
– Ernie K-Doe, Mother in Law
– Robin Luke, “Susie Darlin”
– Toots & the Maytals, Monkey Man
– Buddy Holly, The Complete Buddy Holly
– Moby Grape, on Spotify but incomplete
– Johnny Moore’s Three Blazers, “Merry Christmas Baby”—not on Spotify!
– Van Morrison, Van the Man bootleg
– Van Morrison, Tupelo Honey (a lone album holdout for VMan)
– The Move, “Do Ya” (none of the ’71-’72 stuff on Spotify)
– Johnny Nash, “Some of Your Loving”
– Aaron Neville, Tell it Like it Is
The Motown Story, LP set with interviews
– Junior Parker, “Feel So Bad”
– Elvis Presley, The Sun Sessions—definitely on Spotify in various forms
Good Rocking Tonight bootleg!
– Elvis Presley, A Legendary Performer Vol. 1, mostly on Spotify
– PJ Proby, “Mission Bell”
– Mac Rebennack, “Storm Warning”
– Charlie Rich, “Part of Your Life” and “Daddy Don’t You Walk So Fast”
– Rods, “Do Anything You Wanna Do” single version
– Rolling Stones, Live R than You’ll Ever Be bootleg
The Roxy London WC2 (versions less aural-docu than LP may be available for streaming)
– Savage Rose, Your Daily Gift
– Jack Scott, “Bo’s Going to Jail”
– Linda Scott, “Don’t Bet Money Honey”
– The Showmen, “Country Fool”
Huey Piano Smith’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Revival (much of this is on Spotify)
– Spikedrivers, “Strange Mysterious Sounds”
– The Vibrations, “My Girl Sloopy”
– Jerry Jeff Walker, “LA Freeway” single version
– The Yardbirds, Shapes of Things compilation (entirely on Spotify—another case where I decided to just download the LP rather than reconstruct with tracks)
– The Zurvans, “Close the Book” (I’ve always wanted to record this doo-wop decoy on my old four-track, have had a chorus in my head for years, but haven’t yet…)

So as you can see, a lot of this stuff had to be tracked down. Which is only appropriate; just like old times. Happy hunting!
– RM

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  • One thought on “GM Playlist #3: “Treasure Island” (Stranded)

    1. “Do the Oz” now available on expanded release of Lennon’s JL/POB.
      “Do Anything You Wanna Do” is under Eddie & the Hot Rods.
      All of Hendrix Monterrey performance is available.
      El Dorados, “At My Front Door” is available.
      Equals, “Baby Come Back” sounds like the original, but I wouldn’t bet my life.
      Jerry Lee Lewis “Ole Tyme Country Music” has a couple of track replaced by inferior versions
      I pieced together playlists of the Savage Rose LP, Fairport Chronicles, Sonny Fisher, plus the American releases of Rubber Soul and Pure Pop for Now People. (See YouTube for Savage Rose.)

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