Gang of Four x (Real Life Rock Top) 10

“[Gang of Four 77–81]

is the first such



milestone production

I’ve actually taken

pleasure in, as something

to hold, open, look at,

read, play, listen to.

I don’t think that’s

because” —

[click to continue]

Real Life Rock Top 10, March 2021 edition /

Los Angeles Review of Books

2 thoughts on “Gang of Four x (Real Life Rock Top) 10

  1. Looking forward to hearing this set, even though I already have everything except for the demos and the live album. (Infinite Zero reissued those two LP’s on CD in 1995 with the single/EP tracks as bonus tracks.) But I have to side with Greil’s buddy Robert Christgau – vinyl is too damn cumbersome. I prefer CD’s. I don’t doubt Charles Taylor engages in the music more with vinyl, but when you have a lot of albums and live in the city, they take up too much damn space and I’m more likely to hear something if I don’t have to worry about cleaning and maintenance and constantly flipping and changing the discs (one CD vs. two vinyl discs). That’s especially true if I have to do something like exercise or clean the house – and surprisingly, it’s easier to maintain complete and razor sharp focus on the music over a long period of time if I’m also doing any of those things, probably because they don’t require much cognitive activity, just repetitive motion.

  2. (by “cleaning and maintenance,” I mean cleaning and maintaining vinyl – with CD’s, just don’t touch the surface and handle it by the edges, and you’re fine)

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