Ask Greil 2021

The final instalment of Ask Greil-2021 is live; we’ll pick things up again in 2022. (You are free to continue to submit questions, but nothing will be posted until January. Ditto, possibly, if you submitted one recently that wasn’t responded to in the latest round.)

There may be a tweak to the format in 2022. Since 2016, each year of Ask Greil has yielded between 30,000 and 75,000 words, and WordPress, with their constant upgrades and “improvements,” seems less able to handle this kind of load now than it did five years ago. A streamlining may be in order. A way to make updates more readily obvious to anyone visiting the page would be nice too.

If you’ve any suggestions on the format, what works, what doesn’t, etc., please drop a comment here, or email

Thanks to everyone who submitted a question and to Greil for responding to damn near every one of them.

Happy next year,
s woods (admin)

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