100 New Dylans (1994)

At least since Bob Dylan’s breakthrough Freewheelin’ album in 1963, the music industry has felt itself obliged to produce at least one new Dylan every year or so. In certain periods, when the Minnesota Kid’s most easily absorbed tendencies come to the fore–eras when protest, folk-rock, or singer-songwriter records sell a lot–Dylans sprout like mushrooms. Many of them have been included here. (Various incarnations of Bob Dylan himself have not been included in order to make room for other people.) Within the strictly preset boundaries of this accounting–established solely for purposes of elegance–room has also been made for those figures who, at one time or another, perhaps only for a moment, have truly or madly or bravely embodied Dylanism perhaps even more fully than Bob Dylan. Like Dylan, these people took big chances, betting they could do anything with music–change the world, save it, destroy it–even if it meant they’d end up looking like fools. Or getting shot. Or bursting into flames.

  1. Steve Albini
  2. Eric Anderson
  3. David Baerwald
  4. Joan Baez
  5. Lester Bangs
  6. Big Youth
  7. Ruben Blades
  8. David Blue
  9. Bono
  10. David Bowie
  11. Billy Bragg
  12. David Bromberg
  13. Tim Buckley
  14. Kate Bush
  15. The Byrds
  16. Jim Carroll
  17. Jimmy Carter
  18. Nick Cave
  19. Tracy Chapman
  20. John Cooper Clarke
  21. Leonard Cohen
  22. Sam Cooke
  23. Elvis Costello
  24. Chuck D.
  25. Terence Trent D’Arby
  26. Sandy Denny
  27. John Denver
  28. Dion
  29. Donovan
  30. Jacob Dylan
  31. Marianne Faithfull
  32. Richard Farina
  33. Firesign Theatre
  34. John Fogerty
  35. Steve Forbert
  36. Peter Garrett
  37. Marvin Gaye
  38. Bob Geldof
  39. Allen Ginsberg
  40. Albert Grossman
  41. Kathleen Hanna
  42. Richie Havens
  43. Jimi Hendrix
  44. Ian Hunter
  45. Hüsker Dü
  46. Chrissie Hynde
  47. Janis Ian
  48. Ice Cube
  49. Tonio K
  50. Garland Jeffreys
  51. Robert F. Kennedy
  52. David Koresh
  53. Kris Kristofferson
  54. Peter Laughner
  55. John Lennon
  56. Bob Lind
  57. John Lydon
  58. Madonna
  59. Charles Manson
  60. Bob Marley
  61. Don McLean
  62. The Mekons
  63. Melanie
  64. The Minutemen
  65. Joni Mitchell
  66. Elliot Murphy
  67. Bob Neuwirth
  68. Jack Nicholson
  69. Nico
  70. Mojo Nixon
  71. Sinead O’Connor
  72. Peter, Paul, and Mary
  73. Prince
  74. John Prine
  75. Lou Reed
  76. Robbie Robertson
  77. Tom Rush
  78. Doug Sahm
  79. Sky Saxon
  80. Michele Shocked
  81. Patti Smith
  82. Sonny and Cher
  83. Bruce Springsteen
  84. Harry Dean Stanton
  85. Steely Dan
  86. Sly Stone
  87. Joe Strummer
  88. Levi Stubbs
  89. Tanita Tikaram
  90. Richard Thompson
  91. Sal Valentino
  92. Eddie Vedder
  93. Robert Thomas Veline
  94. Loudon Wainwright III
  95. Sammy Walker
  96. A. J. Weberman
  97. Stevie Wonder
  98. Neil Young
  99. Your Name Here
  100. Warren Zevon

The New Book of Rock Lists, 1994 (Edited by Dave Marsh and James Bernard)


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