“A captivated student…”

“Throughout Greil Marcus’s writing, it is clear that he doesn’t come to the subject matter–the seemingly straightforward world of Rock & Roll music–claiming to be an expert, but a captivated student. I started (or at least attempted to start) reading Greil Marcus when I was in high school. I was neck-deep in early punk rock, the 1960s folk revival, and early Rock & Roll. I was reading everything I could on music–from autobiographies to magazines–when my dad lent me his copy of Lipstick Traces. It was way over my head, but I kept reaching for it. The book–which I’ve probably read the totality three times but never cover-to-cover–connected the spirit of the late ’70s punk explosion to Dadaism and the Situationist International movement. It was a little esoteric and a little obtuse, but remarkably important for my understanding of culture. Marcus helped me see seemingly unrelated things as connected and mysterious, as telling different acts of the same story.”

Nick Rynerson: “Something Is Happening Here”: Why Christians Should Read Rock Critic Greil Marcus (Christ & Pop Culture)

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