4 thoughts on “Real Life Rock Top 10 (02/25/15—B&N)

  1. I think Shadows In The Night should have contained a warning label-“For Dylanologists Only”…Let’s be honest -he just doesn’t have the vocal chops to do justice to many of these songs…if you love the album -it’s because you love Dylan;and I must disagree with GM- these old clothes -unlike the old Americana – on many occasions make him look absurd………

  2. Oh my! the old con’s put another one on over his long suffering public. And then there’s all them ‘archives’. Jesus, what a scheming all along hustler con artist he was! hahah Puff the magic dragon! Fart! in the wind Mister Zimmerman you and all those other pathetically rich disgusting dead beats(Rolling Stones etc. just name them all off the fat cats of 20th century mass entertainment) man the world’s gonna be a bigger and better place when you done you lame-arses are done yodelling. Proverb of the 2016: what’s more revolting and self seeking than a rotten old movie star? Songwriters of his ilk, from Lennon to Jagger, to Sinatra and Bowie and their horde of endless apologists!

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