Real Life Rock Top 10 (04/29/15—B&N)

“Shawna Potter is in the lead of this Baltimore band; with guitarists Nancy Hornbug and Brooks Harlan, bassist Sue Werner, and drummer Evan Tanner, she makes the war real and the counterattack irresistible. A harsh wash of blithering riot grrrl noise—in different songs you can hear echoes of Sonic Youth, Sleater-Kinney, the Gits, Blondie on “Rip Her to Shreds”—pushes Potter back, and measure by measure, song by song, she crawls forward, screams out what she needs to say, and is pushed back again. ‘Roe v. World’ reads like a programmatic lesson plan—it starts with a recording of a prissy, bored-sounding teacher offering just that, and then it’s a ferocious version of the Gang of Four’s ‘Paralyzed,’ or an answer record to the Sex Pistols’ ‘Bodies’…”
The April 2015 edition of Real Life Rock Top 10, at Barnes and Noble, features War on Women, Scott Blackwood, Vexx, Charlie Hebdo, “Night Moves,” and more.

One thought on “Real Life Rock Top 10 (04/29/15—B&N)

  1. I have to admit, no matter how hard I try I cannot figure out Greil’s point about the PEN/Charlie Hebdo controversy. The syntax of the two sentences defeats me and it’s made even harder because the quotes from Isenberg and Cole don’t appear in the linked article. Can someone interpret it for me?

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