Admin Note #3

This site is about Greil Marcus’s writing, first and foremost, but it was also intended as a mechanism to allow fans of Greil to preview the music he writes about. For years—decades, in fact—I’ve been reading Real Life Rock Top 10 with very little familiarity with the music itself, especially once you get into the ’90s and beyond (that I’ve stuck with the column all these years is a testament to the writing). To this end, YouTube has been, and will hopefully continue to be, an invaluable resource. Unfortunately, Grooveshark, home of the Stranded playlists (LPs and singles), the Girl Groups playlist, the Real Life Rock and Mystery Train playlists (both of which were works in progress), and once-to-be-future home of Invisible Republic and History of Rock ‘n’ Roll in Several Hundred Songs playlists, is now officially kaput, with no hope of ever coming back. This renders those particular playlists moot, and there are now a bunch of dead links all over the site. Some cleanup is required.

This was always a known risk, so it doesn’t come as a terrible shock—more just a nuisance, really. I’ll continue to provide YouTube clips where possible, but will forego, at least for now, any links to any streaming services.
— SW

2 thoughts on “Admin Note #3

  1. Especially sorry to hear this as my relationship to the music you mention is very similar (and like you I keep coming back for the writing)….In any case, thanks for providing this service. It’s both led to some great finds and saved me a lot of time and money chasing down those things which really weren’t my cup of tea!

  2. Really gutted! I so enjoyed discovering, getting re- acquainted and listening to all these wonderful tracks. What a crying shame! I hope you will be able to sort something similar out for the future. But thanks for the memories anyway…!

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