GM Playlists #4 & 5: ‘Mystery Train’/’Doors’

Two comprehensive Spotify playlists from the same source (Vallcarca Penitents Bibbcn in Barcelona).

1) Mystery Train contains 979 songs—“all the songs that appear in the book in order of appearance.”
2) The Doors: A Lifetime of Listening to Five Wild Years is a similar proposition, gathering all the songs mentioned in the book—122 in total.

5 thoughts on “GM Playlists #4 & 5: ‘Mystery Train’/’Doors’

  1. yes Barry. And far too few 1950’s rockabilly transgenders, too. I suggest you organise the fest. It’ll be brilliant. Do not forget to invite me – I’ll leave my sausage at home.

  2. I’d like to petition the board replace the acoustic “Layla” be
    replaced by the Dominoes version IMMEDIATELY and with extreme prejudice.

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