Listening Past the Myths (Dave Marsh panel)

Greil Marcus joined Robert Christgau, Greg Tate, and Ann Powers (with moderator Lauren Onkey) to discuss Dave Marsh and his work, one of many panels in the Land of Hope and Dreams event taking place throughout the month of May (still ongoing, more details here). The discussion is available on YouTube.

One thought on “Listening Past the Myths (Dave Marsh panel)

  1. Most of those streaming seminars have already happened, but FWIW, while it’s happening over Zoom, you can open a live transcript. It’s not perfect since it’s trying to transcribe on-the-fly (i.e. you’ll have incorrect words or phrases that are phonetically similar to what’s actually said) and while it time stamps every line, it doesn’t say who says them, but it could be handy for anyone who wants a record. Be warned, when the host closes the Zoom session, the transcript gets deleted too, so you’ll want to constantly save the transcript when it gets close to the end just to have the most updated copy before the Zoom session comes to an end.

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